Simply put, Chroma is defined as the purity or intensity of a color. It is absent of elements which distract or dilute, presenting itself as flawless and genuine.

AboutWe are forward-thinking, sustainable builders, who implement cutting-edge technology to build responsibly.


We implement cutting-edge technology to minimize the carbon footprint of your home. Our custom homes are designed to create and maximize usable space, tailored to the needs of the homeowner.


Be responsible. We help you every step of the way - from finding the perfect location, prioritizing your needs and suggesting ways you can achieve a more sustainable, cost-efficient solution. That is our forward-thinking commitment.

About Chroma Construction

With over two decades of experience in sustainable construction, Chroma is one of the most knowledgeable and capable builders in Texas. Based in Austin, we pride ourselves on producing forward-thinking, energy-efficient homes of the highest quality.



The term “green building” is used - and abused - everywhere you look. The ambiguity of this reference is deployed in an attempt to make us feel like we are doing something “good” for the environment, yet not knowing specifically what that means.

Instead of trying to hide behind ambiguity, we prefer to concentrate on being responsible. For us, this means clearly communicating to our clients what building responsibly means. 

To begin with, it means quality. At our core, we build responsibly by implementing sound building principles. A well-constructed home will inherently be more energy efficient and last much, much longer. Secondly, we push ourselves to use the most reliable, cutting-edge technology available. We accomplish this with a combination of insulation, solar, wind and rainwater-collection techniques.


Mike Speciale grew up in Austin, and combines his intimate knowledge of the area with a trove of home-building experience. Widely recognized as one of Austin’s top-tier sustainable builders, Mike also teaches construction courses at Austin Community College (ACC). A few of his certifications include:

  • Certified Higher Education Instructor
  • Certified in Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Certified in Foam Insulation Installation and Instruction
  • Member of the Austin Homebuilders Association
  • Member of the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB)


Counterpart of the Chroma core team, co-founder Chuck Moran brings a wealth of responsible business experience. As a Texas native, Chuck has owned, operated and managed several Austin-area businesses - wholesale construction, children’s educational software and mobile document destruction. His intimate familiarity with the area, and entrepreneurial background ensures Chroma clients get the most “bang for their buck” - so to speak. Chuck holds a Masters in Economics from Louisiana State University (LSU).

About Chroma Construction

Our properties go above and beyond the measuring stick of "green" building . These homes incorporate a wide variety of efficient elements, which are included as standard features - not overpriced upgrades.


ShowcaseMassive overhangs and Passive placement Massive overhangs allow maximum natural light, yet minimizes direct sunlight into a house that is 40% glass. Passive placement allows strategically placed doors and windows to be opened, creating a cross-breeze through the home. Installed with Smart Home pre-wiring, which allows the attachment of a full-house system to monitor the home from any handheld device or PC. view gallery »

ShowcaseSIP Panel Home Built from Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP), this home has an energy efficiency far beyond most homes in the Austin area with energy bills half that of a comparable home. Highly efficient appliances, variable speed HVAC system, recycled glass tile and custom counter tops that incorporate recycled glass. view gallery »

ShowcaseSave and utilize towering trees In order to save and use the trees on the lot, we designed this house around them to take full advantage of their broad cover. We utilized a combination of expandable foam and cellulose insulation to maximize temperature integrity. Highly efficient appliances, variable speed HVAC, recycled steel beams and reclaimed wood stair treads. view gallery »

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